Did you know that annual HVAC maintenance can prevent 90% of inconvenient breakdowns with your heating and cooling systems? That’s why it’s recommended by all major manufacturers. As the weather turns, contact Reliance Heating and Cooling today to schedule a service call before your system starts to struggle.

Why Is Maintenance Important?

Would you rather your mechanic notice a problem with your car during your annual inspection, or find out something’s wrong when you break down on the highway? The same logic applies to your HVAC system.

Regular maintenance prevents unexpected breakdowns, which often occur when your system is working extra hard during a hot or cold spell. That’s exactly when you don’t want your system to fail – not only will you be extra uncomfortable until it’s fixed, but your technician is probably extra busy assisting others with their failures, so you may have to wait for repairs.

Maintenance also extends the life of your system. Worn down parts can be found and replaced before their failure leads to a chain reaction.

Finally, maintenance tunes up your system to run more efficiently, which is good for the planet and your bank account. When your system doesn’t have to work as hard to keep your home at your desired temperature, it uses less energy. That also means parts won’t wear out as quickly.

Still not convinced? Check out the six benefits of routine HVAC maintenance.

Reliance’s Maintenance Guarantee

Reliance Heating and Cooling offers convenient HVAC maintenance plans to make sure you never forget to have your system serviced. Why not treat yourself to one less thing to worry about? Maintenance offers 100% protection towards a breakdown – guaranteed. If your system fails within the same season we came to check on it, you’ll be credited the cost of that visit towards the repair.

What Does A Maintenance Visit Include?

Vacuum and Clean System – A dirty HVAC system must work harder to do its job, which means higher energy bills and a higher chance of failing faster. Some of that dirt and dust may also make it into your home which leads to poor air quality which could impact your health.

Inspect and Test Various Components – HVAC systems have a lot of parts. Our technicians know what to test and inspect to ensure everything is working together efficiently. If they discover anything that should be repaired or replaced, they can take care of it before it causes a larger problem.

Check and Replace FilterA dirty air filter puts extra strain on your HVAC system, and it’s less effective at cleaning the air in your home. This can lead to respiratory issues for you and your household. The type of air filter you use impacts how often it should be replaced, but it should be at least once a year. Reliance will make sure you start the new season with a fresh filter to improve the air quality in your home.

Check Temperatures – As winter approaches, you should be able to trust that your HVAC system will heat your home to your desired temperature. Our technician will make sure that your system and your thermostat agree.

Check Exhaust – A clogged exhaust system is not only a fire hazard – it could lead to deadly carbon monoxide poisoning! We’ll ensure your exhaust pipe is in good condition, operating normally, and is free from any obstructions.

Check Electrical Wiring – Loose or faulty wiring is another potential fire hazard. Regular maintenance gives you peace of mind not only that your HVAC system won’t fail, but also that it won’t cause a larger problem in your home.

Purchase a Maintenance Plan Today

Regular maintenance of your heating and cooling system saves you money, aggravation, and can even save your life. It’s far better to be proactive about the health of your system instead of waiting for it to fail. Purchasing a maintenance plan from Reliance Heating and Cooling is the easiest way to ensure you won’t forget to get your system serviced, and with our 1 year guarantee, if your system breaks, the cost of maintenance is credited towards repair.

Contact Reliance today for all your heating and air conditioning needs!